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sno go shovels about us safe snow better snow shovel Orgill fall dealer market 225x300 About UsI created this shovel through my passion for product development and the challenge of making products better – including a better snow shovel! While helping with my father’s commercial, snow-removal business, I wore out an old, ‘trusty’, plastic snow shovel.

I was unable to find a decent replacement. Everything I found was cheaply made using low-quality materials. While researching this product, I discovered I was not alone in my quest for a better snow shovel.

And, that is what sparked the idea. I needed a more reliable shovel and so did everyone else. Whether shoveling snow at your own house or for a professional, snow-removal company, you need better.


First, the research and development: What were the biggest complaints about shoveling snow, and how can I address those complaints in my product?
In my research, I discovered two major issues that needed to be addressed:

  1. Poor quality – Shovels currently on the market easily break or crack.
  2. Backaches – Shoveling snow is not an easy task. With all of the bending and lifting it takes to remove snow, backaches and back strain happen frequently.

After hours of research and development, I started putting together a snow shovel design for a better snow shovel that made the most sense. My goal was simple, create great products that are tough, dependable and easy to use. And, offer them at reasonable prices.


After working in the plastics industry for almost a decade, I was able to utilize my vast knowledge of plastic to create an innovative snow shovel made of the best, high-quality material. This material is what makes the shovel strong enough to withstand cold temperatures and snow removal wear.


Using push mowers growing up, led to the idea of the T handle. I designed a unique, patent-pending handle that gives users the option of pushing snow out of the way rather than scooping it to create an overall safe snow shoveling experience for the consumers.
The T handle promotes speed of use (reducing your clean-up time by up to 50%) and ease of use (the walk-behind and push feature prevents you from having to bend over to scoop up snow, creating less stress on your back and body) to overall ensure a safe snow removal experience.


Our mission is to redefine snow removal by crafting innovative, high-quality shovels and handles that prioritize efficiency, comfort, and durability. We aim to revolutionize winter experiences by delivering tools that make snow clearing effortless.

Our vision is to be the forefront of the snow removal industry, continuously pioneering advancements in shovel and handle design and functionality. We aspire to set new standards for ease of use and effectiveness in snow removal, enhancing the lives of our customers by providing superior, Made in the USA products that simplify snow removal.

Thank you for thinking of Sno go Shovels and believing in our brand, our quality and our commitment to you, our customer!

Brandon Bunker, Sno go Shovels


Sno go Shovels stands behind the quality and functionality of each shovel we produce. If our product falls short of your expectations upon arrival or in performance, a return to us ensures prompt action: repair, replacement, or a full refund. Your satisfaction and confidence in our shovels are paramount, and we’re dedicated to delivering nothing short of exceptional quality and functionality.